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    RENTAL (Membership and Public)

    In addition to a wonderful state-of-the-art sanctuary, First Church is a great place for members and non-members to consider booking for weddings in our beautiful Chapel and private receptions, luncheons, dinners, etc. in our contemporary and newly renovated Fellowship Hall.

    From meetings to celebrations and Christian social gatherings, First Church can accommodate facility renters with a safe and quality environment plus ample parking for you and your guests. Just one mile east of North Central Expressway, we are centrally located, from any point of travel from downtown Dallas, in the heart of Richardson, Texas.

    For more information on booking the Chapel and Fellowship Hall, please contact Tim Gordon, Director of Facilities, from 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Thursday at 972.235.4235.

    Feel free to leave a message to schedule an appointment and/or tour the venue(s).

    MINISTRIES ROOM REQUEST (For In House Ministries and Staff Only)

    First Church prides itself on the incredible support it gets from our membership of volunteers. Many of the volunteers work in several ministries as ministry leaders and others as devout volunteer followers. In order to carry out the mission and meet the space requirements of the church ministries, it is important to schedule and book the space for all meetings, rehearsals, programs, activities, etc.

    For meeting, rehearsal, etc. that’s not a Weekly Standard meeting, rehearsal, program, etc. a Facility Room Request Form must be completed. It is the goal of the Senior Pastor to make sure that all ministries goals and objectives are met to accommodate the ministry space requirements and needs.

    For ministries STANDARD weekly meeting(s), rehearsal(s), program(s), etc., all ministries must go online and fill out the Facility Room Request Form. This form should be filled out as a part of the individual ministry planning process for its annual ministry program(s). Once ministry annual program has been submitted by the ministry leader and approved by the Senior Pastor, the ministry should submit its ministry Facility Request Form listing its standard weekly meeting(s), rehearsal(s), etc. This form can only be submitted on line.

    For ministries NON-STANDARD weekly meeting(s), rehearsal(s), program(s), etc., all ministries must go online and fill out the Facility Room Request Form not less than fourteen (14) days prior to its first day of scheduled use. This form can only be submitted on line. Once scheduled date(s) and location have been approved, you will receive an email notification from the Facilities Director.

    As a courtesy to the Administrative Staff, should a STANDARD and or NON-STANDARD weekly meeting, rehearsal, program, etc. cancel, please contact the church office forty-eight (48) hours prior to the cancellation so that staff adjustments can be made.

    The email address is:
    Church office: 972.235.4235.

    Our Facilities have almost 100 classrooms available for rental.

    • Bridal Suite
    • Family Life Center (Exterior)
    • Fellowship Hall (Interior)
    • Former Church in Hamilton Park
    • Wedding Chapel Bride Suite
    • Wedding Chapel (Interior)