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    Named after the founding pastor’s wife, the Annie Pearl Foster Center for Youth Enrichment (APFCYE) endeavors to enrich the lives of youth throughout the community.

    Our purpose is to teach values and encourage a greater sense of drive and work ethics in youth by providing sustained support and growth opportunities with an emphasis on character development.

    Youth benefit from our program services as a means of strategic intervention focusing on literacy as well as reading comprehension. With this strategic focus, as well as individual growth planning and progress monitoring, our aim is to fortify mastery of essential knowledge and skills outlined in our program offering.

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    • Hours of Operation

      Weekly 6:30-8:00 pm Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays and By Appointments Only.

      See individual program hours noted under each specific program.

    • Safe Enviroment

      The Center provides a safe and nurturing environment for youth from ages 3 through 19.

      Professionals are on hand to mentor and assist youth one-on-one and in group settings with their personal growth, academic enhancement and career pursuit.

      The programs are open and free to the congregation and community.

    • Academic Tutoring

      This after school program assists youth with their core academic subjects in Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science and English/Language Arts.

      Tutored one-on-one by qualified educational professionals, youth are individually evaluated and will have individualized sessions based upon academic needs.

      The objective is to identify their skill level and work to help improve their grades and overall academic performance. Attention is given to help youth pass their classroom and state tests.

    • Counseling

      This program is designed to help youth get through their day-to-day challenges in these troubled times.

      Counselors are available to listen and guide youth to problem-solve various and enormously complicated issues with which they are confronted. It is the desire to help youth overcome their challenges and put them on a solid path of emotional stability in a welcoming and supportive environment.

    • Group Mentoring

      Following the academic public school calendar year, this program is designed to advise and assist high school students (grades 9-12) who wish to further their education with institutions of higher learning.

      Attention is given to assist youth with the application process and help guide them to attain educational success based on their career goals and interests. The program follows the college/university application cycle and pre-enrollment process during August and June of any given year.

      Professionals are on hand to help youth seek financial aid and enable them to develop critical skills through application,feedback and experience.

    • Spanish

      Tailored for youth Pre-K and Kindergarten. This program uses the Harmonious Intervention through Language Opportunities (HILO) curriculum. The curriculum was developed with “the assumption that all kids can benefit from learning a second language.”

      Offering appropriate learning opportunities through songs, games, art and other activities by which language, specifically Spanish, can be developed and vocabulary practiced at an early age, this curriculum was developed through The Overton Group, Austin, Texas, in association with the Austin Independent School District.

    • Public Speaking

      From the podium to the audience, youth will learn how to overcome nervousness, anxiety and the fear of public speaking, while learning how to make a formal and informal presentation in a clear, concise and persuasive manner.

      By understanding voice projection, articulation, pacing, fluency, body language, eye contact and gesturing, they will have an opportunity to practice designing, delivering an effective presentation in front of a live audience.

    • Computer Lab

      The Computer Lab will provide computer access and support for all youth involved in the Center’s enrichment programs.

      Using critical thinking skills and collaborative communication, the Computer Lab will help youth make educated choices, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

      Students will use multiple processes to manage computer activities so they can develop, create, complete projects and perform tasks necessary to accomplish their goals.

      The lab will encourage youth to be independent and confident on the computer for research problem solving and instructional support, when applicable.


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