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    At the J. Lee Foster School of Biblical Studies, founded by the late Dr. J. Lee Foster, we are excited to offer Christian believers the opportunity to be a part of an accredited institution of higher learning for the advanced study of the Word of God. We believe that if a person does not read and study the word of God, they will be ill-equipped to handle the challenges of life and will thus succumb to sinful ways and actions. No course of study in the world equals the study of the Word of God regardless of one’s profession or career. Without doubt, the Bible is the one definitive textbook of study for time and eternity!

    Our prayer is that each student who attends the school, will be richly blessed as they seek and grow in their theological studies and hopefully equip them to do greater Kingdom building work.

    We are committed to offering a carefully and well crafted, biblically based educational program. Based on our belief, we are cognizant that the biblical command is for us to consider and select a curriculum which teaches sound doctrines and mirrors Jesus’ teaching.

    All who are interested in attending the school, “you are not only welcome, you are wanted.” So come ‘Walk in the Word’ with us at the J. Lee Foster School of Biblical Studies!

    The school is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of a diversity of distinguished and renowned thinkers, educators, and scholars who are adept in the Christian Education field of Theology and Biblical Studies. Dr. Gregory Foster is the Board President.

    We believe in an inerrant Bible, the Deity, the Virgin Birth, Blood Atonement, Bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Salvation by Grace through Faith, Absolute Surrender to Jesus Christ as personal Lord, Believer’s Security and the blessed hope of His coming again.

    To glorify God as we equip and enhance the students’ knowledge through scriptures and in loving obedience to the Great Commission which instructs us to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”

    To establish a working knowledge of the Scriptures; To fulfill the Great Commission; To provide a solid foundation for the concentration of biblical and theological studies; and To prepare men and women for service in the Kingdom.

    The J. Lee Foster School of Biblical Studies is accredited by the Accreditation Commission International (ACI). The school offers several comprehensive Degree/Diploma programs to meet and enhance the student’s understanding of sound theology as they study the word of God.

    The J. Lee Foster School of Biblical Studies welcomes and accepts all applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability or national or ethnic origin. Its administrative policies, procedures and Code of Ethics are developed and practiced based on sound Christian doctrines.

    Students interested in taking classes online should email us at or simply fill out the application online and mail to:

    J. Lee Foster School of Biblical Studies
    First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park
    300 East Phillips Street
    Richardson, TX 75081

    Students interested in applying online can click on the button below to go to our online application form:

    J. Lee Foster School Application Form